“Guy Benoit Says” is an experiment in quick fiction writing.  Guy will attempt to create a very short story — one with a beginning, a middle and an end — within 30 minutes.  The results will be posted on this site.

Not all the pieces will adhere strictly to this format, but the majority will.

Some of the pieces have been scheduled to allow for a more pleasant reading and navigating experience.  (that is,  a short story written on one date may be posted on an earlier or later date.)

Writing will occur, generally, Monday thru Friday, with weekends off.

Guy Benoit graduated from Providence College with a BA in English.  He has worked as a dish washer, a dog catcher, a filmmaker, a screenwriter, a journalist, a file clerk and a park ranger, amongst other things.  A video he directed for Six Finger Satellite was featured in an episode of Beavis & Butthead.  It was also shown on MTV’s 120 Minutes.  They did not spell his name correctly.  Many years ago, he traveled the country with a punk rock band.  He admires his family and many of his friends.  He has lived in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and California.  He enjoys reading and conversing with intelligent, sane people.

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