Below you will find the results of my having challenged myself for a number of days to write a short story with a beginning and middle and an end inside of 30 minutes. Here is what I came up with. I hope you like it.

She approached the front door. She was shy and quiet.

“What is this place?” she asked the man in the blue jacket.

“This is Newbury Museum Of Illustration & Graphic design,” he answered.

“Is it haunted?” she asked him.

“No, it isn’t,” he answered. He closed his eyes for a few moments and then reopened them.

“Are you sure?”


“How do you know?”

“Because it was built last spring.”

“Did somebody die while they were building it, and now his soul is trapped here?”

“I’ll ask. Hey, Paul!”

Paul entered the foyer. He was a tall man, also wearing a blue jacket.


“Did anyone on the construction crew die while building the building?”

Paul turned to the woman.

“The place isn’t haunted, OK?”

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