Daddy O Werewolf

I wrote this one many years ago. I hope you like it.

He never spend 2 consecutive years in the same elementary school. Even kids who had never seen Russell had heard of him.

During 1st grade, he hyperventilated during any type of physical activity and bared his teeth at students who made fun of him.

In his 2nd attempt at 1st grade, he went to Our Lady Of Tranquility, where he wept openly during weekly Mass and shit his pants during kickball games. He once hurled racial epithets at the groundskeeper until the man beat Russell, badly.

He attended a special needs school. After a full day of one-on-one tutoring by graduate students who carried pepper spray, Russell would lurk underneath the jungle gym at the Memorial Park. His ugly thatch of blonde hair obscured his forehead. His tight sweatshirts shifted from muted yellow to pale purple, depending on the day, and he wore hideous white shoes, like his father

In college, Russell sported wraparound shades, a slicked-back ‘do and a security guard’s uniform modified to resemble SS garb. Russell hit the weights, took boxing lessons and wore a helmet when traveling from class to class.

He ‘secretly’ left flyers in the student union containing cranky, unpunctuated scribbling and a lot of music reviews. Nick Cave, Boyd Rice, Throbbing Gristle, Bauhaus, Wagner, Burzum, Siouxsie & The Banshees and the first two Velvet Underground albums were favorites.

He did not to speak to teachers, and refused to do homework.

One night, someone took a massive shit in Russell’s unlocked car while he was at the gym.

The next week, Russell posted a brutal review of a twenty-year-old Ramones record on the bulletin board, within which he swore brutal revenge.

Before things could escalate, he was expelled.

Later, Russell attempted to join the Army.

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