Paddington Goes Off His Meds

Below you will find the results of my having challenged myself for a number of days to write a short story with a beginning and middle and an end inside of 30 minutes. Here is what I came up with. I hope you like it.

Paddington had not slept for two days, and neither had the members of the Brown family!

”I say! I say!” shouted the little bear.

“shhhh…” whispered Mrs. Brown.

“I say! I say!” shouted Paddington, even more loudly than before.

“Paddington,” said Judy, Mr. and Mrs. Brown’s daughter, “could you please stop raising your voice? We’re trying to sleep.”

”Your trying to sleep?” asked Paddington quizzically.

“Yes,” answered both Judy and Mrs. Brown.

“Well, I imagine that’s going to be quite difficult as this is the exact time of the evening that I charge about the house shouting ‘I say!’” declared Paddington with confidence.

“I say! I say! I say! I say! I say! I say! I say! I say! I say!” the young bear continued.

“Oh dear,” muttered Mrs. Brown, “he sounds like the alarm at Harrod’s.”

At that moment, Mr. Curry, the Browns’ sour-faced neighbor, dashed into the front room. He was holding a cardboard box. The Browns were rarely glad to see Mr. Curry, but, today, he was a welcome surprise.

“I brought along an iron skillet and a net. I’ll make the bear unconscious. When Mr. Brown returns from the druggist, we can slip the bear his Zyprexa.”

“Hurrah,” announced Mrs Brown and Judy.

”I’ll hold the net,” said Mr. Curry. “Who want to hit the bear with the skillet?”

”Oh, I want to hit Paddington with a skillet!” exclaimed Judy.

“I say! I say! I say! I say! I say! I say! I say! I say! I say!” Paddington yammered, smearing marmalade over the Brown’s Renoir.

“Ready?” asked Mr. Curry.

“Yes,” answered Mrs. Brown and Judy!

“I say! I say! I say! I say! I say! I say! I say! I say! I say! I… ow! Fucking hell! What was that?”

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