Daydream Nation

Below you will find the results of my having challenged myself for a number of days to write a short story with a beginning and middle and an end inside of 30 minutes.  Here is what I came up with.  I hope you like it.

Reverb Records, which billed itself as “Providence’s Best Record Store,” was located directly across the street from The Sound Investment, the owner of which handed out flyers proclaiming the establishment  “Providence’s Best Record Store.”

The respective bosses of Reverb Records (Sparky) and The Sound Investment (Big Bear) had never actually met, despite working 100 feet from each other for 27 years.   The nearest thing to an unofficial tete-a-tete occurred when Sparky hired a sign painter to create a mural outside his shop,  Midway through the job, the lumbering Big Bear emerged from hibernation in an effort to bribe the craftsman into misspelling ‘Reverb.’  Sparky’s brother, an ex-Marine named Carl, threw some punches and Big Bear retreated.     

The staff of Reverb Records, a young and pugnacious crew, took to shooting at Big Bear with an air rifle from the rooftops.  Bear, older and perpetually swathed in a marijuana haze, complained to his landlord about the wasps. 

Undaunted, the kids at Reverb Records covered the east side of Providence with gag posters advertising an in-store appearance at The Sound Investment by Skrewdriver, a white power band from England whose existence had been virtually outlawed by the British government.  Skrewdriver, needless to say, did not show, but The Sound Investment was pestered for days by a handful of stoop-shouldered skinheads and their ringleader, a defrocked priest.

Eventually, music changed, and with it, the music business.  Reverb Records, with its contrarian philosophy exemplified by punk, indie rock and old school rap, began to drift away from the youth it so required.  The Sound Investment started charging exorbitant prices for Nick Drake and Incredible String Band LPs that were easily available online or though reissue.

Reverb Records is now pilates studio.

The Sound Investment burnt down shortly after closing.

However, on summer nights, very very late, when the college students are gone and the businesses are closed, you can still hear a Reverb Records employee calling The Sound Investment and asking to speak to Hugh Jass. 


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